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December 7, 2017

Real Story of Three Friends

This is a real story of Three Friends.
First one was brilliant, never would give up his first position in school. Topper in everything. Second one was average, wouldn't fail but pushed to next class on a regular basis. Third one was a trickster, a cheat and was an expert manipulator. But these three were great friends, thick as thieves.
School was over and after that The first one, the brilliant guy as expected became an engineer.  He gave Indian engineering services exam, was chosen as class one officer. He became chief of Indian railways later. Second one graduated with Physics major and appeared for civil services exam passed and was appointed as the head in the department where the first friend was working at lower level. Third one didn't bother to study further after school, chose right party at the right time ,fought the election, won and became an MP and later became a cabinet minister and under him was the department where two of his school friends were working.

This is not a fictional story.
First one is E Shridharan..metro man. 
Second one is TN Sheshan chief of election commission.
Third one is  KP Unnikrishnan who got elected five times continuously for lokasabha and also became a cabinet minister during VP Sings time.
Three friends, same school, same teachers, destiny chartered different paths.


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